Friday 26th April 2019

2018 MLB Home Run Derby Odds and Staff Picks

2018 MLB Home Run Derby Odds and Staff Picks

The 2018 Home Run Derby is on tonight at 8 p.m. ET at Nationals Stadium, so of course we had to give you the betting odds and our picks!

First, here is the official bracket:

Shop around to find your best odds, but here are some updated odds courtesy of The Action Network:

Vik’s Pick: Kyle Schwarber +333 (I got it at +500!)

Bryce Harper is the favorite because he is playing at home and has competed in the contest before, but I am going with the homer pick in this one. First, Schwarber has sharp money backing him. He opened at +900 (which is insane), but currently sits at +333. Schwarber attracted a ton of sharp money as soon as the lines were released, hence the huge line move. Second, Kyle also has an easier first round matchup vs. Alex Bregman, who I feel is the weakest in the entire group. Third, Schwarber’s struggles against left-handed pitching are well known. Luckily for him, a right-hander will be on the mound tonight. And lastly, Schwarber has hit 11 out of his18 home runs this year to right field. Right field at Nationals stadium is only 335 down the right field line, the shortest distance there. There is a lot of randomness to the home run contest, but there is some method to my gambling madness. Here’s to a Schwarber vs. Javy Baez final!

Ryan Glasspiegel: Jesus Aguilar +500

Ryan Phillips: Kyle Schwarber +333

Jason Lisk: Max Muncy +700


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