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I am now a full blown huge theater slut and as of Nov my biggest night was a night I got fucked by 18 different guys all strangers, mostly bareback and sucked and stroked off around a dozen others.

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Whenever I go to the theater I will update this. When guys answered he told them she was Here's a short sample of what he shot the longer version is in my member's area.

I fell in love the first moment I went in. It was a place called Fantasy World I've also written a review on it.

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My first theater experience was back somewhere like May of After a year or so their site failed. PP was also nice in that it was the first theater I visited that had nice sofas to fuck on instead of plastic chairs.

And there's a cool outdoor patio for BBQs and pool parties. So far they have hit us twice, they will do it again. I need to be gang fucked far more often than that! My BF also shot some pretty good and funny video from this trip.

Adult theater in tampa

I will be updating this area quite a bit each time I go that I can sneak a few photos here and there. And for some reason, the guys were super rough with me on this night. These first several photos are me getting fucked for the first time at FantasyLand by my tour guide!

I also looked into Dallas because of Lido, and considered New Orleans, but didn't get very good feedback about their theaters. Unfortunately, it was the middle of summer and it was hot as fuck in both theaters and it became unbearable both times we went. They will hit us again, thewter have no other marketing strategy.

He ignored those guys because it was never about mongers, it was always about pedos. Some guy burst in behind me, grabbed my hair and slammed his cock in me Since that move I have gone to the theater on an average of every other week or so and have taken a LOT of cock.

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I said sure! June, - Rent A Slut These are my first images from an adult theater. I didn't reach my 13 cock level like my first visit, but it was awesome having everyone freak out thinking I was a single girl.

So, Tampa it was. I will get around to making this completely up-to-date, but tampa now, enjoy the updates as I'm able to bring them to you even if it happened months ago! After my tour guide gave me a nice full creampie obviously he wasn't using a condom I ventured off to find more fun. I had never played theater a glory hole before so we started like that but then he said he was coming around to my side.

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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from thater selection below. But, both my trips were memorable and good stepping stones on my journy to full blown theater slut. It was really nice being able to lay back and get fucked on a theatr, or lean over the arm rests to get fucked from behind as opposed to trying to ride a guy in Bbw date Milton plastic chair like I did at Fantasy World in Vegas.

Taken by my SlutMaster for the night on his iPhone and he sent them to my phone afterwards. These photos were from when I was trying to go in the bathroom to take a small breather. So instead, I've decided to create this.

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With the exception of the pedo above everybody who answered called him a sick fuck. I am now a full blown huge theater slut and as of Nov tampa biggest night was a night I got fucked by 18 adult guys all strangers, mostly bareback and sucked and stroked off around a dozen others. It seems our theater burned up and we also lost a bunch of data. From here on out, members will get all these full sized images and any videos, and guests will get the first image only.

I had my boyfriend go in first and sit in the back while I hung out in the bathroom. He theatre me around the entire place, pointing out each area, then point blank asked me if he could fuck me!

It was an amazing night. I go to either FantasyLand 1 or 2 as often as I possibly can.

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When I got there I told the guy at the counter it was my first visit and this really nice, attractive black guy offered to be my tour guide. Unfortunately, it was hard to sneak photos there.

Please leave some feedback and let me know what you think of the idea! I had read nothing but fantastic reviews on it and I wanted to live in an area with a great theater.

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It was awesome because all the guys assumed I was some single girl coming tapma the theater and I was Axult immediately. They are just great. So I told my boyfriend to pack up, we were moving to Tampa! FL1 even has a "group" room that you can lock the door so you can gather up people and go in there and shut the door if you wish I rarely do this, I like people watching me get fucked.