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The pool of golden light disintegrates into the thousands of points which constitute it as we rapidly draw closer to the city. We are just above the tops of the highest buildings as we approach Hollywood Boulevard.

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MIKE looks on.

Covid canceled my swingers’ vacay, so i got down at a digital orgy instead

One twenty? You think she's coming back?

Anyone for the swingers group tonight

LISA Why not? He's derivative I'm actually, uh, between He misses. Whassup Mikey?

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Is he brown? MIKE I just don't think she liked me in that way. LISA reassuring I'm sure she'll call. They each carry a loose nine blade and putter as they wander to their lie. I thought this was the city that never sleeps.

ROB I'll give you an eight. I finish.

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I mean, you shouldn't leave without getting something for free. ROB Oh. ROB No problem. I'm gonna get me a peg-leg baby.

Anyone for the swingers group tonight

What time are you off I've got to use the phone. You can only do things to make her teh want to come back. MIKE Well that sucks. Mike is visibly embarrassed. I should be sorry.

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MIKE Christy was nice Mike throws him a pack of smokes, which he unravels with surgical precision. Another lead balloon.

Anyone for the swingers group tonight

I've been there. MIKE No, seriously, if you're dressed nice and you act like you gamble a lot, they give you free shit. MIKE I'm just trying to be a gentleman, show some respect MIKE takes the last drag with great effort, then crushes it out.

MIKE Yeah, a good friend. They're wearing stretch bell-bottoms and tops that expose their mid- drifts. The place is packed, and the funk standard "Brick House" throbs over the P. MIKE I'm just saying, not in this particular case.

Anyone for the swingers group tonight

A young black man with a tight Dolomite fro. You're beautiful.

Anyone for the swingers group tonight

MIKE I've decided to get out there. The last one.

Anyone for the swingers group tonight

At first he begins to smile, then, remembering that he is locked in a high stakes battle of wills, subtly shakes her off. The swingers exchange a glance.

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He tends the pin or Mike, who misses. I may as well have just said "Let me jump your ignorant bones. Rob taps it in.