Blast Motion Integrates with GoPro to Add Metrics to User’s Videos

Want to be a hero? Athletes of every skill level create heroic moments and memories worth capturing. Millions of people around the world now use GoPro Hero action cameras to relive these experiences.

Today, California-based tech firm Blast Motion introduced a new way to turn user recordings into incredible highlight videos. Their new wearable motion capture devices, Blast Basketball and Blast ActionCam, attach to any GoPro Hero action camera.

Using proprietary algorithms built into the system software, these new precision sensors will analyze natural motion and overlay performance metrics onto your video. Statistics such as acceleration, vertical height, rotation, and hang-time will give athletes real-time feedback like never before. Connected by Bluetooth technology, Blast Basketball and Blast ActionCam wirelessly transmit data to your smartphone or tablet via Apple iOS app. Additional features include eight hours of continuous play and wireless charging in under 1.5 hours.

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“With Blast, athletes don’t have to alter their natural movements and wait for the motion capture technology; they can focus on the game and have access to important metrics when they need them right from their smartphone or tablet,” said Michael Woods, Vice President of Sales for Blast Motion.

“They can track athletic movements, compare metrics and easily share that information with coaches and friends. This technology really allows athletes of all ages to gain a competitive edge and see motion in a whole new way.”

The popularity of GoPro continues to rise, especially among athletes. According to their S-1 filing, more than 2.8 years worth of video were uploaded to the Internet last year with GoPro in the title. Additionally, within the first quarter of 2014 over 50 million hours of videos were watched that had GoPro in the title, filename, tag, or description. Joining current products Blast Baseball, Blast Golf, and Blast Athletic Performance, these two new products hope to take advantage of this growing market. Partnering with Best Buy retail stores, Blast Basketball and Blast ActionCam will be priced at $149.99 and available in stores next month.