Monday 27th May 2019

Chargers Announced Sellout In An Empty Stadium

Chargers Announced Sellout In An Empty Stadium

The Los Angeles Chargers announced a sellout for their game against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 12. That sounds great, right? Well, not so much. The crowd at the StubHub Center for LA’s 45-10 win over the lowly Cardinals was hilariously embarrassing.

Check these shots of the non-existent crowd out:

Chargers Crowd

Chargers Crowd

Chargers Crowd Chargers Crowd

I get that it’s about tickets sold, but why even announce it with a crowd like this? Do the Chargers think we don’t have eyes? How freaking embarrassing.

Meanwhile, on the field, the Chargers are 8-3 and in a firm playoff spot and yet no one in Los Angeles cares. No one. Philip Rivers had a historic showing on Sunday, breaking an NFL record for consecutive completions and no one was there to see it.

I know the excuses from Chargers fans are coming, like how the tickets are too expensive. Well, before this game you could have gotten a great seat online for as little as $9:

This is a complete embarrassment to the NFL on a weekly basis. This is a playoff team in the nation’s No. 2 market and it can’t fill a 25,000-seat stadium.

Dean Spanos and his kids are morons for moving out of San Diego.

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