Chiefs' Tanoh Kpassagnon says NFL is asking players to do the 'physically impossible' with new penalties

This week, Vikings’ Antwione Williams was the first player to be fined under the NFL’s new roughing the passer rule prohibiting players from putting their full weight on the quarterback.

Saturday, it was Chiefs linebacker Tanoh Kpassagnon who drew a flag for the penalty. 

Kpassagnon saw an opportunity and took it against Bears quarterback Chase Daniel, which cost Kansas City 15 yards under the new rule.

“I think it was just landing on him with the tackle. I don’t know,” Kpassagnon told reporters after the game, via Pro Football Weekly. “I guess they kind of want me to do something that a lot of people think is physically impossible.”

Kpassagnon added this will be harder to adjust to than the rule against lowering one’s helmet to initiate contact.

“Helmet rule, it’s just keep your head up,” he said. “We’ve all been taught it’s safer for both players — I understand safety of the game. Everybody wants to keep their head safe, their body completely [safe]. It’s a lot harder than just the helmet rule, on both sides, calling it and trying to fix it. Still, football is football.”

Before the change, his sack would have been a routine play, but the NFL added that it would be a penalty for a defender hitting a quarterback to “unnecessarily or violently throw him down or land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight.”

This was the controversial change that cost Williams $20,000 and drew a flag Saturday in the Chiefs’ 27-20 loss to the Bears.

Kpassagnon yet to receive a fine, though he certainly could based on the Williams ruling.