Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Collin Sexton Plays Most Intense Defense Known to Man

Collin Sexton Plays Most Intense Defense Known to Man

Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Collin Sexton scored 27 points in an NBA Summer League semifinals game against the Los Angeles Lakers Monday night. The former Alabama guard has looked very good in his seven games, scoring 19.6 per and showcasing impressive athleticism. That’s a good thing for the Cavs, who will need all the help they can get with LeBron James now exploring Hollywood.

Sexton has also displayed his willingness to play a borderline insane brand of defense. Check out this intensity.

That’s the type of effort that’s appreciated by one’s own coaching staff but ruffles a few feathers on the other bench. It’s also the type of behavior that will make the other players in your YMCA run think you’re taking things a bit too seriously.

But, hey, whatever works. Channeling the spirit of sumo is no less bizarre than slapping the floor like Duke in order to get a stop.

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