Darryl Sutter announces retirement: 'I’m totally at peace with not coaching'

(Getty Images)

Darryl Sutter has been out of the NHL for a year, but it appears the former coach is ready to call it a career. 

According to Sportsnet, Sutter, 59, “insists following a winter of contemplation there’s no situation that could tempt him” to relocate from his 3,000-acre farm in Alberta, Canada.  

“I love my schedule now — that’s the best way to put it,” Sutter said. “I enjoy watching the game on TV, and I pull for certain players and I’m totally at peace with not coaching. That’s for sure.”

When asked if he would consider the Capitals job, which became available earlier this week when Barry Trotz resigned following the team’s Stanley Cup win, he didn’t appear interested.

“Forty years, that’s enough,” Sutter said, adding, “No way, I’d be too far away from the grandkids.”

A year ago, Sutter and the Kings parted ways as the franchise cleaned house. Last summer, he said he would consider returning to coaching “if it was the right situation.”

He spent eight years playing for the Blackhawks before coaching 18 seasons. His coaching career started with Chicago in 1992 and finished with the Kings in 2017, but he served as the Flames’ GM from 2006-10 and also took a few years completely away from the ice.

He led the Kings to two Stanley Cup titles in 2012 and 2014.

Sutter is part of one of hockey’s most famous families, along with brothers Brian, Brent, Duane, Rich and Ron Sutter, son Brett and nephews Brandon, Brody and Lukas.