DiamondMetrics App Hopes to Make Baseball, Softball Stat Keeping Simple

A screenshot of DiamondMetrics. (Courtesy of 6th Man Apps)

Last week, 6th Man Apps released an app the company hopes will make stat tracking in baseball and softball easier. DiamondMetrics follows up on the developer’s successful HoopMetrics basketball app.

The same problems we solved for basketball in HoopMetrics, we’re solving for baseball and softball,” said 6th Man Apps CEO and founder, Luke Geiger. “Which is to make a drop-dead, simple-to-use stat program that calculates everything you could ever want, behind-the-scenes.”

The 6th Man Apps team found the process of developing DiamondMetrics to be more difficult than that for HoopMetrics. Whereas most basketball stats are straightforward, baseball includes slight wrinkles. In order for a pitcher to register a save, more must happen than simply closing out a winning game for their team. A number of factors can lead to a registered save.

As DiamondMetrics does the numerical work (100+ stats calculated), users will be able to access detailed plate appearances. This means seeing, pitch-by-pitch, exactly what happened during an at-bat, including the result of any batted ball as well. DiamondMetrics can help determine fielding alignments and batting orders that perform best.

DiamondMetrics is an elegantly-designed baseball and softball tracking app that’s designed for all levels of play,” Geiger said.

We actually allow you to set your customizable rule set, we call it,” Geiger explained. “Like what rules does your team play by when they’re the home team. For example, many amateur middle school teams, or summer teams, they have this ‘everyone gets an at-bat’ rule. So for example, this is opposed to just nine players in an order. If you have that rule, everybody bats once.”

SportTechie Takeaway

Tracking and analyzing detailed baseball stats has become an essential part of any coach’s job description. For those outside of a major-league organization, there are a range of competing apps, such as DiamondMetrics and GameChanger, and a growing number of smart devices, such as Mizuno’s MAQ baseball and Blast Motion’s Easton Power Meter, that can help completely remove the human from the stat-recording process entirely.