Frampton vs Jackson LIVE RESULTS: Frampton stops Jackson in ninth round for brutal victory in Belfast then sets up Josh Warrington mega-fight

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanAugust 18, 201811:17 pm

    It might not have been a classic night of action, but it’s all about building up to some huge fights.

    The big news from tonight is that Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder is ON, as is Carl Frampton vs Josh Washington.

    That promises to be something extra special. Head over to our boxing page for all the reaction to tonight’s bouts. From Windsor Park, goodnight.

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanAugust 18, 201811:12 pm

    Frampton speaking ringside: “The atmosphere was special. It made my dreams come true.

    “Unbelievable night from start to finish. It was his corner who threw the towel in – he would’ve stayed in as long as possible.

    “I was nervous. And I’m not usually nervous until the changing rooms. I was trying to eat a bit of chicken and my hand was shaking. Less said about chicken the better, by the way.

    “I would love to be a world champion again”.

    Josh Warrington: “He looks fast, he looks very relaxed. Coming into a big fight like this with that expectation, you have that pressure. I’m looking for that fight.”

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanAugust 18, 201811:06 pm


    There’s the towel from the Aussie corner – their man takes punishment in the ninth and that is that.

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanAugust 18, 201811:04 pm


    What a lovely shot that was to the body from Frampton – and Jackson somehow gets to the end of the round.

    Big, big trouble for the Aussie.

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanAugust 18, 201811:02 pm

    The flashy combos still coming from Frampton, but Jackson has fought back from that iffy period in rounds 2-4.