Gary Bettman: NHL entering mediation over concussion lawsuit by former players

Gary Bettman (Getty Images)

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters Tuesday the league is entering mediation in a lawsuit by former players who allege the NHL did not disclose the dangers of concussions while promoting the violence which caused head injuries.

Bettman said going into mediation was not his decision.

”The judge asked us to go into mediation and so we’re complying with the judge’s request,” Bettman told The Associated Press.

The two sides will try to come to an agreement on a settlement in mediation. Bettman told the AP he believes the case “doesn’t have merit.”

Stuart Davidson, one of the lawyers representing the players, spoke with the AP.

“While we obviously disagree with the Commissioner’s views on the merits of these important cases, and continue to work very hard to obtain justice for our clients, the commissioner is correct that Judge Nelson requested that the parties try to work out their differences with a mediator, if they are able,” Davidson wrote in an email.