GoPro Enters The Virtual Reality Space

GoPro is entering the virtual reality space. The action camera maker purchased Kolor this week, a French company that creates virtual reality video content.

GoPro posted an interactive video (seen below) in 4K resolution on Youtube showing the capabilities of bringing 360 degree video to their hardware. The video allows users to control the camera, moving it up, down, left and right with a virtual D pad that appears on screen.

GoPro is not the only company making VR content before – and more importantly, IF – it hits the mainstream, but its content lends itself well to 360 degree video. Imagine watching a video of a skydiver and being able to look at the world around you, or diving under water and looking at the sea life you are swimming with.

“We see that incredible opportunity for GoPro to be at the forefront of the virtual reality movement,” said Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro, in a press release. “Given that GoPro is already the most widely used capture device for capturing life experiences in an immersive manner, it’s only natural that we have a seat at the table moving forward.”

This comes at a good time for GoPro, who released their annual earnings report yesterday showing a revenue of $363 million, a 54 percent increase in first quarter year-to-year revenue.

GoPro has been growing ever since their entrance into the extreme sports scene in 2003 and their presence follows a similar model to that of Red Bull – put your name on everything, and be a part of creating content people want to see.

The question now is when people will want to see in 360 degrees.