How GameOn And Sports Illustrated Teamed Up On Slack To Deliver Rio Olympics Updates And Stories

Staying connected with your fellow sports fans is a major part of watching games and events. GameOn, a cloud-based engagement platform, is one of the top apps used today that works to keep fans connected while providing real-time news, scores, and highlights. They have recently teamed up with Sports Illustrated Group to help the users of the communication platform Slack constantly stay updated throughout the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Slack is a program that companies and organizations around the globe use to create groups to communicate through with specific individuals. They use “channels” that can be specific to certain location, topic and much more, and can be set at public or private. With the partnership of GameOn and SI, these users were able to add GameOn’s SI Rio Games Chatbot to any group and it could automatically keep the members updated with what was going on during the games. For anyone who has been trying to keep up with the games, you realize fairly quickly that sometimes there is so much going on that it makes it difficult to keep up.

“We built our technology platform from the ground up to serve up-to-the-minute video highlights, news, and chat, regardless of device, so that our members can enjoy the best parts of fandom no matter where they are. Our extension into chatbots integrating with the world’s most popular messaging services means our users have so many more possibilities to expand their huddles and get the most out of the Summer Games. That the folks at SI chose our platform is a tremendous validation of the technology and we’re all honored to be a part of this project,” said Founder and CEO of GameOn, Alex Beckman.

In addition, the SI Rio Games Chatbot was made to be available on Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram. There was a recent update to the FB Messenger App this past week that provided the option to subscribe to messages from news outlets and other select businesses. With this, the Chatbot was able to perform without breaking any rules.

While the Olympics may have come to an end, there are plenty of sports and events coming up to keep tabs on (hello NFL football!). The GameOn app is available in both the Google Play and the iPhone App store.