India vs Pakistan LIVE SCORE: Latest updates and commentary from huge Asia Cup match in Dubai

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanSeptember 23, 20183:23 pm

    PAKISTAN 203-5: That is a huge wicket for India.

    Bumrah back into the attack and his death bowling is phenomenal, getting it right in the blockhole.

    He drops one back and the well-set Malik edges behind to Dhoni. He has to walk for 78 – but deserved more.

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanSeptember 23, 20183:22 pm


  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanSeptember 23, 20183:18 pm

    Pakistan are the best in the world this year in the final 10 overs of a game.

    They average just under 9/over during that period. Rapid. Kuldeep back into the attack, but it’s the Pakistan fans now dancing in the stands.

    That really was a brutal over.

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanSeptember 23, 20183:15 pm

    OVER 42: PAKISTAN 193-4 (Malik 73, Asif 19) – Probably Malik’s worst shot of his innings, but he won’t care as gets four.

    It comes off the splice and limps over the diving man at mid-off.

    Asif’s turn to join in. Right in the slot and he hammers a mighty SIX back over the bowler. What do you want next? Another four, cut hard behind point.

    Huge counter-attack. ANOTHER six!! 22 off the over.

  • jsheridan 's avatarjsheridanSeptember 23, 20183:10 pm

    OVER 41: PAKISTAN 171-4 (Malik 68, Asif 3) – By heck, there’s some terrible running on show here.

    Malik is well set and shouldn’t be taking chances like this. A better throw and he was miles out.

    The last 3 overs? 11 runs and a wicket. India on top.