Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Is This Leaked Script Part of the Lakers' Pitch to Paul George?

Is This Leaked Script Part of the Lakers' Pitch to Paul George?

With free agency and July 1st around the corner, the Los Angeles Lakers are excited to pitch Paul George on why he should put on the purple and gold. The Lakers might be too hyped for the meeting though, as their pitch to George looks like it has leaked.

Sports Illustrated released a script titled “Two Dreams,” which is expected to be used in a video at George’s meeting with the Lakers.

Here is the full script, via SI:

When you were just a kid

In your room

Dreaming from Palmdale

We were dreaming too.

While you dreamt, we built – built for your arrival

And while we dreamt, you built too

Becoming one of the world’s greatest.

Life’s most powerful dream are the one we realize ourselves.

The ones that turn us into legends.

That kid from Palmdale always knew it

Now the world will, too

While it doesn’t mention George by name, he grew up in Palmdale, California, so draw your own conclusions.

This script is probably just a part of the bigger pitch, but it being released isn’t a good look for the Lakers. Hopefully the same issues don’t come up when they pitch to LeBron James, although James reportedly isn’t interested in “elaborate pitches” anymore.


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