Sunday 19th May 2019

It Makes No Sense For Kevin Durant to be 'Open to Listening' to LeBron James and the Lakers

It Makes No Sense For Kevin Durant to be 'Open to Listening' to LeBron James and the Lakers

Kevin Durant will once again have the opportunity to become a free next summer and according to Skip Bayless, he will be open to listening to LeBron James and the Lakers. The question must be raised, why would he even listen?

Yesterday on Undisputed:

“I was also told that Kevin is open to listening next year depending on what happens. What will the Lakers look like with LeBron? What will it play like? What will it feel like? It could be a disaster. Will DeMarcus Cousins work or not work in Golden State?”

This does not come as a surprise. The two superstars have worked out together for years and were just together this week. However, this is a move that makes absolutely no sense for Durant.

Durant’s current situation checks off every box for Durant except the box of public perception. A box, that Durant is all too worried about based on his social media activity. Joining a Lakers team with LeBron will only make his reputation – that he is so concerned about – worse.

Currently, Durant is in a situation where he is not seen as the player he has proven to be. This stems from the decision to join a 73-win team that most still consider Steph Curry’s team. Not even Durant outplaying LeBron in two straight NBA Finals, adding a serious defensive game to his arsenal, and closing the distance between the two of them greatly as changed that.

Unless Durant becomes a new person and begins not care what random people on Twitter say, the Lakers make no sense.

It would not be surprising to see Durant eventually leave the Warriors to find a situation so he can change this story, but that is not anywhere near a team that has LeBron on it.

There is a good chance if Durant actually joined the Lakers he would be better than LeBron for the majority of their time together. But Durant would still be looked at as Robin like he is now to Curry (who he is better than).

Leaving this ideal situation in Golden State only makes sense if Durant can go somewhere that can improve his narrative and legacy. Right now it reads to most, “Could not win with the Thunder. Left and joined the best team ever.” “Then went and joined arguably the greatest player ever,” does not help that story much.

The best option for Durant, at some point, is to do the opposite of what he did when he joined the Warriors. He should leave this dynasty and join a team that is built around him. An honest person can tell he is clearly good enough to do that and have immense success.

Kevin Durant joining the Lakers would be great for the Lakers, great for LeBron, great for the NBA, and useless for Kevin Durant.

Do not even listen, Kevin.

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