John Daly 'pissed' over denied cart at U.S. Senior Open, withdraws

John Daly (Getty Images)

John Daly is extremely unhappy after the USGA denied him the use of a golf cart during the U.S. Senior Open.

Daly, who withdrew from the tournament, said he needs the cart due to a persistent knee injury that makes it difficult for him to walk the course.

“I’ve been fighting this (injury) for so long and it’s my career they’re screwing around with here,’’ Daly told USA Today. “I’m pissed because I’ve been playing good golf and I want to play golf, that’s what I do for a living. But you know, you can’t walk 18 holes, you can’t walk 18 holes.’’

Daly, 52, said his attorneys told him he should be able to use the cart due to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, the USGA reviewed his medicals records and determined the injury wasn’t severe enough for him to need a cart.

“We offered Mr. Daly the opportunity to provide additional information to support his request for a cart,” the USGA said in a statement. “He informed us (Monday) morning that he decided to withdraw.”

At the moment, Daly said he doesn’t plan to make the case a legal one and that he will see what happens after he has a procedure Friday to clear out loose cartilage from his knee.

“It’s tough enough being in a golf cart trying to play,’’ he said. “But at least I can swing. It doesn’t swell up as bad because I’m not walking the whole course. …

“I’m playing great golf. It just sucks. Anybody that’s had osteoarthritis knows. … When you’re walking and (the knee) pops, then the swelling begins and it just doesn’t end. And then it just gets so sore I can’t load on it.’’