Sunday 16th June 2019

Khalil Mack: It Looks Like He's Going to the Chicago Bears

Khalil Mack: It Looks Like He's Going to the Chicago Bears

Khalil Mack is about to become a member of the Chicago Bears, and the final hurdle that needs to be cleared is finalizing a contract extension and giving Mack the contract that he wants.

We wait to see what compensation the Bears are giving up to the Oakland Raiders to win the right to sign Mack to the big deal he wants. The rumors flying yesterday was that the asking price is two first-round picks. But if they are at the point of negotiating with Mack you know that they met that price, and just as importantly, are roughly willing to meet Mack’s contract wishes and now it’s a matter of solidifying the details.

I’ll have more analysis on Mack’s worth relative to first round picks, and the cap space difference. But for now, I’ll say that Chicago is a team that is situated to take Mack on as a talented and expensive player. If they believe in Trubisky, they have a cost-controlled QB for three more years and the cap space, and the odds of Mack being great versus getting similar pass rushing production from first round picks is massive (Pass rushers are actually the riskiest picks early in the draft and have a high bust rate).

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