Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Lance Stephenson, LeBron James Log Another Chapter in their Ridiculous Rivalry

Lance Stephenson, LeBron James Log Another Chapter in their Ridiculous Rivalry

They’re doing it once more.

Lance Stephenson and LeBron James are going viral for standing subsequent one another. Stephenson obtained underneath James’ pores and skin. They have been bumping, smacking, flopping and appearing. It’s all occurring once more. And right here’s hoping it by no means stops.

Lance and LeBron had a couple of moments in Recreation 1 of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ playoff collection towards the Indiana Pacers. Stephenson’s Pacers got here away winners.

Throughout one stoppage of play, Stephenson crouched right into a ludicrously low defensive stance beside LeBron, who couldn’t assist however chuckle. The second was harking back to the time Stephenson blew on LeBron. He additionally as soon as bumped LeBron’s face, which brings us to the opposite popcorn moments from Recreation 1.

Stephenson was all about bumping LeBron in the face. In what might be generously referred to as a block try, Stephenson smacked LeBron in the face throughout a layup try.

Stephenson additionally threw inhibitions to the wind on a steal try. He reached in, and punched on the ball. LeBron proceeded to make a scene.

LeBron truly tried to get revenge amid Stephenson’s antics. However the joke was on LeBron once more.

Stephenson threw down a bonkers dunk through the first quarter. James clearly had intent to spoil it. LeBron, who has patented the chasedown block (see: Recreation 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals), appeared to need to block Stephenson from behind. However by the point LeBron obtained cleared for takeoff, Stephenson was head butting the ring in celebration of an enormous and-1.

However LeBron lastly obtained in a jab throughout a free throw. He mocked Stephenson’s head butt later in the sport.

LeBron and Lance are caricatures once they’re enjoying towards each other. For many, Stephenson is the surprisingly likable dangerous man as a result of he’s higher than anybody at bothering LeBron, the arduous-to-like good man.

They’re two NBA stars with a present for theatric moments. And my oh my, they play their elements properly.

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