Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Liverpool is All the Way Back

Liverpool is All the Way Back

Liverpool have not won the Premier League since 1989-90. Top-four finishes, once a forgone conclusion, have become sporadic over the last decade-plus. The Roy Hodgson-Kenny Dalglish-Brendan Rodgers triumvirate yielded pedestrian results.  The Red Scare became the butt of jokes.

A global empire was undoubtedly diminished, crowded out by the likes of Manchester United, Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and others.

That’s over now. They are back. All the way back. The Jurgen Kloop resurgence is real and spectacular. Liverpool is once again a world power, worthy of mention in the first breath.

A 2-1 victory over Tottenham at Wembley this morning was the fifth in a row to begin Premier League play. The last time this happened was 1990-91. Pole position is theirs. Top goal differential is theirs. There are 33 matches left to play, but the championship could be theirs if current results are indicative.

It’s so early but there is reason to feel this team’s contending spirit. There is reason to believe they’ll at least fight for the crown. That’s a heck of a way to follow up a run to the Champions League Final. It’s what Liverpool used to do. It’s what Liverpool used to be expected to do.

This year’s team is not as reliant on world-class Mo Salah. Salah has scored two of Liverpool’s 11 goals. Last season he netted 32 of 80. It’s scary to think how good this side can be once he finds his world-class form.

It’s been a spell since this sense of optimism and belonging has been felt at Anfield and points adjacent. Don’t expect it to go away any time soon.

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