Lonzo Ball releases diss track on Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma

Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma (Getty Images)

Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma have a long history of roasting each other, but the Big Baller Brand member took it a step further Monday.

Ball released a diss track on iTunes with a track called “Kylie Kuzma.” While it’s clearly in good fun since the two players like each other, Ball didn’t go easy on his teammate. We listened to the fairly short track and took down the lyrics below (in case you don’t have time to listen to it).

In it, Ball takes shots at the fact Kuzma never met his biological father, the fact he posts photos of himself working out and the fact he won’t be as good as Russell Westbrook. You can listen to the full track on iTunes.

“Kylie Kuzma” lyrics by Lonzo Ball

Who are you without ZO2?

Just another dude with a bunch of tattoos

You ain’t got no shoe Nike wins, Kuz lose

Claiming that I can’t shoot, but all these words is hitting you.

Boy you talking crazy, why you try to play me?

You ain’t on my level, you ain’t famous as my baby

I’m working out daily, but I ain’t posting it

And I would never stop a workout just to post a pic

They let ’em gas you up, thinking that you can’t be touched

Coming from the outskirts of Flint, boy you ain’t tough

Big Baller Brand getting bread, little Kuz is getting crumbs

We thumbing through that money, look at y’all, y’all is playing with your thumbs

Don’t know who your daddy is, well your ass is getting sonned

We both taking shots, the only difference is you ain’t hitting none

Usually do this s— for fun, but trust me boy I’m not the one

If you the bullet, I’m the gun, If you the pot, I’m cooking some

You want smoke, you can get it, dressing for attention

Trying to be Russell Westbrook, you just honorable mention

I killed you with a sentence, to me you just a peasant

Triple Bs is independent, Kuz (???), can’t reinvent it

Cause you ain’t got the people, and you ain’t got the sources

Put all your money in a Porsche, I dropped a check on horses

You better join the forces, with them main enforcers

Triple Bs is for the culture, your squad is a bunch of vultures

I’mma stop, you losing focus, reason why you dropped your courses

Need some more endorsements, one fleece, you think we didn’t notice?