MegaBots: Giant Fighting Robots Could be the Next Major Sports League

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 5.51.21 PM
Image from MegaBots Kickstarter page

Ok, let’s just say it: How cool would fighting robots be in real life?!

People have long dreamed of being able to control robots; and now the masterminds at MegaBots Inc. might just be on to something with the announcement of their new ambitious goal.

MegaBots have announced a goal to begin their very own fighting robots sports league. What is cool about this idea is the fact that they have 15-foot tall human-piloted robots that shoot paint cannonballs! But in order to achieve their goal of a fighting robots sports league, they will need funds, and lots of them.

So, MegaBots have started a Kickstarter campaign, with hopes of raising the necessary funds to make their dream a reality. The only potential problem is the amount of money they are seeking to raise is large. At a financial target of $1.8 million, the challenge will be actually raising those huge amounts of money from generous Kickstarter funders.

megabots technology kickstarter
The Mark I MegaBot Prototype from the MegaBot Kickstarter page

Imagine watching on television or attending a live event where these gargantuan machines are fighting each other. It could possibly be the beginning of the next big sports entertainment event; and MegaBots could be in the middle of it all.

If everything goes according to plan, MegaBots will be conducting their first one-on-one robot duel on May 2016, where a very qualified team of engineers, scientists, designers, artists, fabricators, and producers will be present to showcase what these robots can do.

Here is a video of some initial capabilities of these MegaBots as the team continues to work to improve them: