Tuesday 23rd April 2019

MiLB, ISM Connect to Bring LCD Smart Screens to Ballparks

MiLB, ISM Connect to Bring LCD Smart Screens to Ballparks

MiLB, ISM Connect to Bring LCD Smart Screens to Ballparks
MiLB will bring smart screens to ballparks and build a league-wide advertising network.

Minor League Baseball (MiLB) is increasing its tech-savvy offering with yet another technology partnership.

The organization is teaming up with venue smart screen maker ISM Connect to bring interactive high-definition LCD screens to a handful of ballparks. The new multi-year partnership will also see the development of a league-wide advertising network. 

MiLB plans to deploy ISM’s dynamic digital displays to build enhanced live and interactive event experiences with data and social media integrations. The screens will provide fans access to unique content, while offering teams and brands fan demographics and digital marketing opportunities.

As part of this partnership, the organization will build a new digital network that connects MiLB teams, partners and fans across the U.S. MiLB didn’t provide much information beyond calling that project the biggest data-driven digital advertising network in sports and entertainment, but MiLB said it plans to soon announce a first-of-its-kind naming rights partnership with a major U.S. brand that will spearhead the network’s development efforts.

The screens will collect data about consumers in each MiLB market with an eye towards improving the fan experience, driving event-based revenue, and increasing value for strategic partners and brands. The network will give MiLB teams a new means to disseminate their marketing messaging. It will also allow them to monetize inventory by providing access to ISM’s content management system, which enables the production, scheduling, and management of targeted marketing content and campaigns.

MiLB and ISM Connect are looking to install installations at at least 50 ballparks, with plans calling for MiLB to spend a minimum of $15 million on the project, according to Sports Business Daily.

“ISM Connect’s digital engagement network will transform how Minor League Baseball teams and ballparks connect their technology to their fans and in turn, enhance the overall consumer experience,” said David Wright, MiLB’s chief marketing and commercial officer, in a statement. “This partnership will allow us to understand and connect with our fans on a deeper level, while continuing to evolve as a leader in the technology space.”  

MiLB has been expanding its portfolio of technology partners as it works to innovate and increase fan engagement and revenues. Previously, the organization established a digital ticketing partnership with Tickets.com, a national fan loyalty program with FIS Global, and bilingual bots with Satisfi Labs.

SportTechie Takeaway

The partnership between MLB’s minor league and ISM Connect will create the largest connected-data-metric smart-screen advertising network in sports and entertainment, according to MiLB. As teams and venues increasingly look to expand top-line growth, they’re constantly on the hunt for ways to gather more data about their fans and event attendees. This network will enable MiLB and its partners to do just that, and potentially pave the way for similar league-wide advertising networks in MLB and other professional sports.


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