MLB Postseason 2018: Yankees' Aaron Hicks will try to play in Game 2

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks (Getty Images)

Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks has left the first game of the American League Division Series with right hamstring tightness.

Hicks fought for a single after an 11-pitch at-bat against Red Sox starter Chris Sale, but he came up limping as he neared the base and was in noticeable discomfort.

After one pitch to Giancarlo Stanton, the trainer came out to see Hicks and he ultimately left the game.

Hicks was replaced by Brett Gardner in the lineup. Hicks hurt his hamstring Sept. 24 in a game against the Rays. He missed the next three days after that.

Hicks told reporters after the game he is optimistic about his prognosis.

“I’m going to try to do everything I can to be ready for tomorrow’s game,” he said, via “That’s my plan.”

The 29-year-old outfielder had a career year with the Yankees hitting 27 home runs while batting .248.