Nate Diaz on UFC future: 'I don't want to fight anybody'

Nate Diaz (Getty Images)

Nate Diaz is scheduled to return to the UFC after a two-year absence Nov. 3 with a fight vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 in New York’s Madison Square Garden. He wasn’t pleased when UFC president Dana White made the surprise announcement that Conor McGregor would make his long-anticipated return to the Octagon against lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in Las Vegas. 

“I’m not fighting on that show f— the @UFC,” Diaz tweeted moments after the promotional video aired during the UFC’s 25th-anniversary press conference in Los Angeles. 

Diaz had long sought a third bout with McGregor after they split their first two fights in 2016. He refused to return to the MMA promotion unless he was given a big fight, and a rubber match with McGregor appeared to be the only acceptable bout for the Stockton, Calif., fighter to take. Many were surprised, then, when it was announced that Diaz had signed to fight top contender Poirier, but that agreement may have been made under the assumption that McGregor wasn’t returning and Diaz would be in position for a title fight should he get past Poirier. 

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Whatever his deal was with the UFC remains unknown, but it was clear that Diaz had no clue that McGregor would make his return to the Octagon a month prior to Diaz’s scheduled bout. Nobody was sure if Diaz meant what he said about not competing at UFC 230 and he offered no additional context last weekend.

Finally, on Tuesday evening, he reiterated his stance on Twitter. 

“I can’t commit when they actin like s—t,” Diaz tweeted.

White could offer no clarity about the situation Saturday.

“You tell me if everything’s OK with Nate Diaz,” White responded when a reporter asked White during the UFC 227 postfight press conference about Diaz’s status. “If you can decipher that code, call me tomorrow and let me know.”

It’s evident that Diaz is none too happy with the UFC. A third bout with McGregor is the money fight he has been after, but Mystic Mac will first settle his differences with Nurmagomedov before looking ahead to a possible trilogy. That leaves Diaz uncertain about his future.

He kept things cryptic while responding to questions by TMZ (the video went up on YouTube on Wednesday). “I don’t want to fight anybody,” he said.

Where that leaves the UFC 230 co-main event is anybody’s guess, but you can rest assured that the UFC will be active in attempting to resolve this situation sooner rather than later.