NHL standings: Seeding scenarios, breakdown for final spots in 2019 playoffs

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The 2019 NHL playoff picture is coming into focus, with the 12 teams set, and seeding still to be determined.

With teams in the final week of the regular season schedule, the playoff pairings are starting to become clearer.

Here’s how the 2019 Stanley Cup playoff bracket looks at this very minute.

Last updated: April 2

NHL standings: Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

1. Tampa Bay Lightning (124 points, 54 ROW)

Remaining games:  2
Home record:  32-7-2
Playoff probability:  Clinched Presidents’ Trophy

The Lightning have stormed their way through the regular season, and now just need to stay sharp ahead of the start of the postseason.

2. Boston Bruins (105 points, 46 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record:  29-8-3
Playoff probability:  Clinched playoff berth

The Bruins are going to face the Maple Leafs in the first round, which is a favorable matchup.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs (99 points, 45 ROW)

Remaining games:  4
Home record: 23-14-2
Playoff probability: Clinched playoff berth

The Leafs are backing into the playoffs and will need to return to form if they want to have a chance against Boston in Round 1.

Metropolitan Division

1. Washington Capitals (102 points, 43 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record:  23-10-6
Playoff probability: Clinched playoff berth

The Capitals are fending off the Islanders for the division title, but the defending champs should also start preparing for Columbus, Carolina or Montreal.

2. New York Islanders (99 points, 42 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record: 24-13-4
Playoff probability: Clinched playoff berth

It’s a surprise to see the Islanders here after they missed the playoffs the previous two years, but now they have an outside shot of topping the division.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins (97 points, 41 ROW)

Remaining games: 3
Home record: 22-14-3
Playoff probability: 100%

The Penguins overcame a slow start to get themselves back into a playoff spot.

Wild cards

1. Carolina Hurricanes (95 points, 42 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record:  23-13-4
Playoff probability:  86.20%

Should the Hurricanes reach the postseason, the celebrations alone will be worth it.

1. Columbus Blue Jackets (94 points, 44 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record:  22-17-2
Playoff probability:  59.70%

Another year, another spot in the Wild Card race for Columbus.

— Montreal Canadiens (94 points, 41 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record: 24-12-4
Playoff probability: 54.50%

It’s a dogfight for the final Wild Card spot in the East, and the Canadiens are still in it.

NHL standings: Western Conference

Central Division

1. Winnipeg Jets (96 points, 44 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record:  25-12-4
Playoff probability:  Clinched playoff berth

The Jets picked a bad time to start slumping, but they are still very much in control of their destiny.

2. Nashville Predators (96 points, 41 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record: 23-14-2
Playoff probability: Clinched playoff berth

The Predators won’t repeat as President’s Trophy winners, but they’ll get another shot at the big dance.

3. St. Louis Blues (95 points, 41 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record:  22-15-2
Playoff probability:  Clinched playoff berth

The Blues have a very real shot at clinching a tight Central Division with an end-of-season hot streak.

Pacific Division

1. Calgary Flames (107 points, 50 ROW)

Remaining games: 1
Home record: 26-9-5
Playoff probability: Clinched division title

The highest-scoring team in the West, the Flames will be out to do some damage come playoff time.

2. San Jose Sharks (97 points, 44 ROW)

Remaining games:  2
Home record:  24-11-5
Playoff probability:  Clinched playoff berth

The Sharks limp into the home stretch despite scoring seemingly at will this season.

3. Vegas Golden Knights (93 points, 40 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record: 24-11-5
Playoff probability: Clinched playoff berth

No longer surprising anyone, Vegas still gets into the postseason with a chance to make some history.  

Wild cards

1. Dallas Stars (91 points, 41 ROW)

Remaining games:  2
Home record:  23-14-3
Playoff probability:  Clinched playoff berth

Having clinched with two games remaining, the Stars look forward to the postseason.

2. Colorado Avalanche (88 points, 35 ROW)

Remaining games:  2
Home record:  20-14-6
Playoff probability: 78.70%

The Avalanche have to be favored to grab the final Wild Card spot.

— Arizona Coyotes (84 points, 34 ROW)

Remaining games: 2
Home record: 20-16-4
Playoff probability: 12.70%

The Coyotes will have to be perfect the rest of the way to sneak in.