Nick Faldo claims Tiger Woods said 'I'm done' at the 2017 Masters Champions Dinner

Nick Faldo Tiger Woods - cropped
Tiger Woods receives his first green jacket from Nick Faldo in 1997 (Getty Images)

Tiger Woods has captivated audiences with his most recent comeback, including two top-6 finishes at major championships this summer.

But six-time major winner, and current broadcaster for CBS, Nick Faldo recently said on the Dan Patrick Show that Woods was “done” with golf in 2017.

Faldo said he overheard Woods at the 2017 Masters champions dinner tell another champion that he was done with golf. The annual meal is only for past Masters champions and the chairman of Augusta National Golf Club.

“I know he whispered to another Masters champion, two Masters dinners ago, ‘I’m done. I won’t play golf again,'” Faldo said. “He said, ‘I’m done. I’m done, my back is done.’ He was in agony. He was in pain. His leg, the pain down his legs, there was nothing enjoyable. He couldn’t move. If you watched footage of him, he couldn’t even get in and out of the golf cart at the (2016) Ryder Cup when he was a vice captain.”

Woods has undergone four back surgeries since 2014. The 14-time major champion has admitted he thought it was a long shot to ever contend again, and that he’s just happy to be competing.

But Woods has shocked everyone, including himself, this year, amassing seven top-12s including two runners-up finishes and a t-6 at the Open Championship.

The golf world can collectively agree it’s great Woods was wrong during that Masters dinner in 2017.