Friday 24th May 2019

Odell Beckham Jr. Has an Ugly Jump Shot

Odell Beckham Jr. Has an Ugly Jump Shot

Check out this video of Odell Beckham Jr. shooting hoops, courtesy of Jaylen Brown’s IG stories.

Ouch, that jump shot is hideous! Beckham’s J looks like it is a hybrid of Lonzo Ball, Bill Cartwright, and Carlos Boozer’s form, all put together in one. And, let’s not get started on his knees bending inwards!

I think we can all agree, New York Giants fans included, that OBJ picked the right sport to play. As we all know, Beckham does have insane hops, so I will leave you with this video of him dunking so we can wipe our memory of his jump shot…

I bounce back like 2-3 wit 4-5???#SlamDunkSaturday

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