Thursday 25th April 2019

Only Fun Thing About the Detroit Lions About to Go Away

Only Fun Thing About the Detroit Lions About to Go Away

Golden Tate scored two touchdowns but it wasn’t enough for the Detroit Lions as the Dallas Cowboys prevailed on a game-ending field goal. Tate, who is more difficult to tackle than a greased pig at a glove-wearing factory, entered the endzone in style on both occasions.

Tate’s pre-score celebrations are nothing new. Here he is putting some extra flair on a walk-off touchdown.

Fun, right? One of the few bright spots for a franchise destined to live forever in a Groundhog Day-like existence punctuated by reliable losing. Well, don’t get too attached, because it’s going away. New coach Matt Patricia — a details man — is committed to having his wide receiver tuck the football away safely while collecting six points.

As Tate continued to celebrate on the sideline (following first TD), Patrica could be seen pulling him in for a hug, while delivering a private message to his receiver not to do that again.

“I gotta fix it,” Tate said. “At the end of the day, I’m having fun, but I got to put the team first. Because if I fumble that ball and it goes out the back of the end zone, or something happens and the ball goes out of bounds and we don’t score, then I feel like a (expletive).

Tate forgot this new directive by the time his second score materialized. But he is very sorry and gets it now.

“Yeah, you know, just a selfish play on my part,” Tate said. “I let my emotions get way too involved in that game at the end, and kind of forgot what (Patricia) said. So I’m sure he’s going to coach me, and (offensive coordinator) Jim Bob (Cooter’s) going to coach me, and my position coach is going to coach me. So, just have to be better next time.”

There is nothing wrong with wanting 100 percent ball security. And I suppose there’s a sliver of a chance Tate would fumble the football while taunting. On the other hand, he’s a professional wide receiver with pretty good hands who has never had a problem when adding a little mustard.

Detroit is now 1-3. They could be 3-1, but aren’t. It appears another long, unfruitful season is afoot. Tate’s antics are about to be taken away from us. There is no positive spin.

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