Friday 19th April 2019

REPORT: Watching Mike Trout Run "Very Impressive" Because of How Much Dirt He Displaces

REPORT: Watching Mike Trout Run "Very Impressive" Because of How Much Dirt He Displaces

There seems to be an effort afoot to make Mike Trout a superstar. This is a challenge because (1) Mike Trout is a baseball player who is (2) not particularly interesting.

ESPN nonetheless did an E:60 piece on Trout, looking for something — anything, really — that might compel an audience to remember Trout’s face, just in case they see him at a steakhouse or something.

Then ESPN ran a written story that included all the incredible Mike Trout facts that couldn’t fit in the TV piece, and let me tell you something, after you hear what Torii Hunter had to say, you’ll wonder why Trout isn’t already as famous as DeMar DeRozan.

The thing is, when Trout runs, he displaces an impressive amount of dirt.

Torii Hunter referred to Mike Trout as “The Digger” because of how he creates divots when he runs: Trout is so big and so fast and runs with such ferocity that he leaves craters along the first-base line.

“That’s something that I saw in him — that’s the intangible that you can’t really teach,” he said. “A lot of guys are fast, but they don’t dig. They don’t find the fight. He digs and finds the fight inside of him to get to first base, and that’s a trait I really want a majority of major leaguers and minor leaguers to have, and it’s hard to find.”

“When he runs, he digs earth out of the ground and he pounds in there, and just to run down, him running down the line is very impressive.”

Longtime umpire Mike Winters observed about Trout: “When he runs, it’s like there’s a rooster tail going up behind him. It’s amazing how high the dirt flies up behind him.”

I gotta see this dirt, man.


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