RipIt App Beats GoPro To Automatic Video Editing

A few months ago we covered the launch of Antix, an app that edits user’s GoPro footage using a clever set of algorithms. Now there is RipIt, a similar application designed specifically for surfers.

RipIt wirelessly connects to a user’s GoPro. Its algorithms search through surfing videos looking for the best surf stands and automatically extracts them. Surfers can even continue to browse, take calls or text while the software searches.

It takes around a minute to create a 10 minute highlight video. Once it is created users can share the video directly through the RipIt app.

“Recording GoPro footage is easy, but editing and sharing all that footage is like a lesson in rocket science. At the end of the day, all that awesome content isn’t worth anything if you can’t share it,” said RipIt Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Morris. “We decided to create a software that edits it all for you. For instance, after a surf session, simply wirelessly connect your GoPro to your iPhone, and in only a matter of seconds or minutes, you will have all of your best stands edited and ready to share with the world!”

A few weeks ago Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro announced the company’s intention to create their own video capture and editing software. Since then, analysts have advised investors to buy into the company.

“We’re still in development of it…our iTunes if you will,” Woodman said. “I’m happy to say if everybody at GoPro is very happily testing an alpha now, of that software. I’ve got it here on my phone.”

So while GoPro readies their own video editor, apps like RipIt and Antix are making it easy for extreme sports athletes to get the best out of their GoPro video.

RipIt is now available in the Apple App Store. Early reception has been very positive.