Ryder Cup 2018 may be lost on host country

Michael Lorenzo-Vera (Getty Images)

France will host the 2018 Ryder Cup at the same course as this week’s French Open, but at least one French golfer thinks it will be a waste on his people.

“People don’t care about the Ryder Cup,” Michael Lorenzo-Vera said in a New York Times interview. “Honestly, nobody knows there’s going to be a Ryder Cup in France. Only the golfers know. That’s it.

“There won’t be many French there. There will be many more from England or Spain. Golf is a very private thing for people in France. Private courses for only rich families or rich people — that’s it.”

Michael Lorenzo-Vera, ranked 108th in the world ranking, is one of 19 Frenchmen competing in this week’s French Open — one of the biggest events on the European Tour.

It’s possible the French are uninterested in the Ryder Cup because they have only had two players ever compete in the biannual competition — Victor Dubuisson (2014) and Jean van de Velde (1999).

France likely won’t have anyone on the squad this year, either, with Alexander Levy the most likely participant, but ranks outside the top 20 in both possible qualification points standings.

Lorenzo-Vera finished second at a European tour event earlier this season, but he’s not currently a contender to make the team.

Europe has won six of the last eight Ryder Cups, but the U.S. claimed the last one in 2016 with a convincing 17-11 victory.