Monday 20th May 2019

Stephen Curry Crushes Chris Paul Again

Stephen Curry Crushes Chris Paul Again

Steph Curry and Chris Paul continued their rivalry, this time off the court, as their families battled it out on a Family Feud episode that aired on Sunday.

The Curry family ended up winning the matchup, and once they got to the “Fast Money” round, Ayesha Curry stole the show, scoring 194 points during her turn.

That MVP-like performance by Ayesha left Steph needing just a couple of threes (6 points), and of course Chef Curry delivered:

Sorry Rockets fans..this is the second time in the last month Paul finished second to Curry. Maybe next year?

And, for a quick laugh, check out their answers on this one –”If a male stripper was nicknamed Popeye, what might he have?”

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