Wednesday 19th June 2019

Talk to Your Soft Kids About NFL Cut Day

Talk to Your Soft Kids About NFL Cut Day

More than 1,000 NFL hopefuls will lose their jobs between now and Saturday as teams trim down their rosters to regular-season size. It’s a tough time for so many but an inevitable in the cold, bottom-line world of professional football. There is a bright side to all these personal disappointments, though. Turns out it’s a great jumping-off point to have a candid conversation with young children about the harsh realities of life.

Who can forget that time in their youth when the entire concept of fairness and entitlement became clear upon hearing some dude who had a chance to make the Buffalo Bills’ kickoff team was sent packing? Really put things in perspective.

Please share this knowledge with the next generation, a group so addled by video games, halftime orange slices, and unearned ribbons there’s no doubt they’ll run this perfectly functioning country into the ground.

As for the NFL players making the cut and continuing to receive a participation trophy in the form of a paycheck win or lose, well, we’ll deal with them later. Can’t dole out all the lessons at once.


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