The Madshus Empower Skis Are Not Like Any Ordinary Skis

Madshus, a ski equipment manufacturing company founded in 1906, is taking a new approach to how they build their products. The company is hoping a new technology in their skis will help set them apart from the competition.

The Madshus Empower skis are not like any ordinary skis. They utilize Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, chips to help individuals find and purchase the pair of skis most ideal to their profile specifications, such as weight, height, and skiing experience.

After using the interactive display at participating retailers, new owners of these high-tech skis will want to download the Madshus Empower App, available for both Apple and Android devices. Once downloaded, individuals will need to set up a profile with information similar to what was provided upon purchase. They can then upload their skis using the built-in RFID chip which will add the pair to their personal quiver.

The app helps skiers always know they have selected the perfect pair for the day ahead, especially if they own multiple pairs. Included is the embedded Wax Helper which allows the exact alterations of the wax pocket to be made on each pair.

When out on the slopes, the GPS in Madshus’ Empower App provides the user with various forms of training data such as average speed and overall distance. There is also the option to measure the performance of certain skis against other owned pairs.
RFID technology has been around for some time, typically found in mobile devices, various cards, wristbands and other personal items. However, Madshus is one the first companies to effectively incorporate it into their sporting merchandise.