The Northern Trust: Tommy Fleetwood takes 'all-or-nothing' approach to FedEx Cup playoffs

Tommy Fleetwood (Getty Images)

Tommy Fleetwood may be one of the most affable players on the PGA Tour, but he’s still relatively unknown.

The Englishman won the European Tour’s Order of Merit last year, earning top honors after a breakout season. This year, Fleetwood has found comfort on both Tours with six top-7¬†finishes, including a runner up at the U.S. Open.

Fleetwood, now ranked 11th in the world, has won four events in Europe, but still hasn’t held a trophy in the U.S. He hopes to change that very soon.

“I’m pretty good at taking each tournament as it comes and just focusing on that, and every player has their own processes or the things that they are working on at the time. I feel like I’m very good at trying to improve every week rather than looking at what the overall outcome is,” Fleetwood said after firing a 4-under 67 on Thursday.

“At 23rd (in the FedEx Cup standings), it’s an all-or-nothing kind of thing. If I play really well and I do really well, then there’s only good things are going to happen, and if I don’t, I don’t. But it’s not – there’s no real– it’s not like I’m leading the FedEx and I’m thinking about winning it already.

“It’s just if I happen to play well, it’s a great opportunity more than anything else; if I happen to catch form and win an event or win two events, you never know, but I’m not in the position where it’s in the front and center of your minds.”

Having played alongside Woods a couple times this year, Fleetwood has had a first-hand look into the 14-time major champion’s latest comeback attempt. It looks like both will be competing at the Ryder Cup this fall, and Fleetwood would welcome the challenge.

“I would love to (play against Woods),” Fleetwood said.¬†“I think for myself personally, it’s my first Ryder Cup, and actually getting there and slipping the top on, I think that will be massive. That’s a massive achievement for any golfer.

“If I just so happened to get the greatest golfer in the world, that would just be a bonus. Whoever it is, I’m always ready and it’s the Ryder Cup. It’s the biggest sporting occasion in the world. Whoever you play, it’s the biggest sporting occasion in the world at that time, and for us being European and American, to have the chance to play in that and be a part of that, I think it’s very special for us.”