Tuesday 23rd April 2019

There Are Way Too Many People Involved in the Super Bowl Coin Toss [UPDATE]

There Are Way Too Many People Involved in the Super Bowl Coin Toss [UPDATE]

NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello celebrated Throwback Thursday by tweeting out a picture of the coin toss before Super Bowl I. That midfield meeting of minds included a grand total of five people — two Green Bay Packers, two Kansas City Chiefs and a referee.

Like everything associated with the Super Bowl, the pregame ritual has exploded in pomp, circumstance, and scale.

Here’s a look at coin flip from last year’s game. There are 52 people in frame. Fifty-two! That’s over a 1000 percent increase in coin flip attendance from Super Bowl I.


The 50-yard-line gaggle promises to be even larger this year as former president George H.W. Bush will perform the honor. Once you factor in his security detail, it’s reasonable to predict upwards of 70 people at midfield.

All of this to figure out which team gets the ball first. Totally worth it.

How did we get to this point? Gradually.

Super Bowl XIV


Super Bowl XIX


Super Bowl XXX


Super Bowl XLII


Super Bowl XLIX 


At this rate, here’s what Super Bowl 75 will look like:


Enough is enough. Let’s scale this back before things get too out of control.

UPDATE: No one listened to my pleas. 

Super Bowl L

Super Bowl LII

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