Monday 20th May 2019

This Crazy Infield Single is a Allegory

This Crazy Infield Single is a Allegory

Miami’s Derek Dietrich reached first base on an infield single against the Washington Nationals. It was a rather meaningless hit in a rather meaningless game. But if the subtext of baseball is that it’s a stand-in for life, this little spinner was a particularly overt burst of symbolism.

Life takes unexpected turns along the way, meandering places no one can expect. Surprising moments can happen at any time, and they can defy explanations. Once they happen, there’s no going back. The chips fall where they may and adaptation must take place.

Life does not have a 1.0 correlation between hard work and results. There’s plenty of luck involved. Sometimes it can feel random.

Beautiful stuff, even if a bit overwrought.

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