Tiger Woods score: Round 3 updates the PGA Championship

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Tiger Woods was 3-over through his first two holes at the PGA Championship, but since then he has put himself back in contention at Bellerive. 

After he was only able to play through seven holes before a weather delay on Friday, Woods finished off the round on Saturday morning and is tied for 19th at 4-under before playing the third round later this afternoon. 

Weather permitting, Woods will end up playing 28 full holes on Saturday alone if he gets through the third round without a delay. 

Follow along as Sporting News provides live hole-by-hole updates of Tiger’s third round. 

Tiger Woods’ score: Round 3
PGA Championship 

Hole (Par) Tiger’s score (Overall) Place
1 (4)  3 (5-under) T-12
2 (4)  3 (6-under) T-9
3 (3)  3 (6-under) T-9
4 (4)   4 (6-under) T-9
5 (4)  5 (5-under) T-14
6 (3) 2 (6-under) T-10
7 (4)  3 (7-under) T-6
8 (5)  4 (8-under) T-3
9 (4)  4 (8-under) T-5
10 (4)  4 (8-under) T-5
11 (4)  4 (8-under) T-6
12 (4)  4 (8-under) T-6
13 (3)    
14 (4)    
15 (4)     
16 (3)    
17 (5)    
18 (4)     

Hole 12: Par 4, 452 yards

Tiger tees off straight into the fairway. His approach lands him a little under 20 feet away from the hole and he two-putts his way to his fourth straight par. 

Par, 8-under

Hole 11: Par 4, 355 yards

Just as the par on hole No. 10 felt like a minor victory, Tiger’s par on hole No.11 feels like a minor letdown because of how well he had set himself up for a birdie. Beautiful tee shot on 11, and he finds the green on his second shot. His birdie putt from from a little over 20 feet away, but he was closes. He’ll have to settle for par. 

Par, 8-under

Hole 10: Par 4, 508 yards

Tiger tees with his driver and his drive tails off to the right and lands in the rough. He’s gets on the green on his third shot, and he sinks the par putt to stay at 8-under. He’s had similar moments throughout the tournament, but this was another par that felt like much more. 

Par, 8-under

Hole 9: Par 4, 433 yards

Tiger elects to tee off with the iron again and it’s straight down the fairway. His approach is on the green but he overshoots it a little bit, but no harm done as he two-putts his way to a par to remain two strokes away from the lead. Superb front nine for Woods, who had to close out the second round earlier this morning. 

Par, 8-under

Hole 8: Par 5, 610 yards

Tiger crushes the drive to start the longest hole of the day. After an iron from the rough, an impressive wedge shot lands him just short of the hole. He sinks the short birdie putt to put him at 8-under. The climb continues with his third birdie in a row. Woods is tied for third and just two shots back now. 

Birdie, 8-under

Hole 7: Par 4, 394 yards

Tiger tees off with his iron and finds the fairway. His second shot is a beautiful approach that gives him a birdie putt under 10 feet, and he sinks it. He’s just two strokes behind the lead now. 

Birdie, 7-under

Hole 6: Par 3, 213 yards

Tiger is within striking distance of a birdie after his tee shot lands on the green. He sinks the birdie putt and the crowd gets loud. 

Birdie, 6-under

Hole 5: Par 4, 471 yards

Tiger tees off with his driver again and is in the rough. His second shot lands him on the green, but on the edge of it. It takes him three putts to get in the hole for a bogey.  

Bogey, 5-under

Hole 4: Par 4, 521 yards

Tiger misses the fairway when he tees off with his driver. His second shot lands a little shy of the green and he ALMOST chips in a birdie. From there, he taps it in for par. 

Par, 6-under

Hole 3: Par 3, 148 yards

Tiger’s tee shot makes a birdie on this Par 3 a little lofty. He two-putts his way to par to maintain his 6-under. 

Par, 6-under

Hole 2: Par 4, 410 yards

Tiger’s rolling now. His iron find the fairway again and his approach nearly gives him an eagle. He makes the birdie putt from just a few feet away.

Birdie, 6-under

Hole 1: Par 4, 425 yards

Auspicious start for Tiger to start the third round. He tees off with his iron to find the fairway. His approach lands him about 10-15 feet shy of the hole and he sinks the birdie putt. He’s now 5-under and tied for 12th. 

Birdie, 5-under