USA Swimming, BMW Of North America Introduce SwimTech As Part Of Continued Partnership

Orlando, FL – May 7, 2016 – Wide World of Sports: Swimming participant during Invictus Games Orlando 2016 (Photo by Kohjiro Kinno / ESPN Images)

SwimTech, a new technology, will be a large part of USA Swimming’s continued partnership with BMW North America that was extended through 2020.

The proprietary SwimTech technology will help track swimmers during training and provide them with real-time feedback to use to improve stroke mechanics and efficiency.

Technological innovation helping athlete performance has been at the forefront of the partnership since the two companies began working together in 2010 leading up to the Summer Olympics in 2012 and 2016.

This SwimTech technology will also be showcased in a digital content series that focuses on data analytics, improving technique and the technology that will help swimmers improve performance. The series will be produced by USA Swimming Productions and available online and on social media platforms.

“Teaming up with BMW gives us the opportunity to provide learning tools for all levels of our membership through BMW’s technique focused digital content series,” Matt Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer for USA Swimming said in a statement. “Through two Olympic Games BMW has helped the U.S. succeed in the pool, and we’re excited to extend this to the grassroots level and ensure the swimming success of future generations.”

With the partnership, BMW will provide a one-year lease on a new vehicle as the grand prize for the male and female point winners of USA Swimming’s annual arena Pro Swim Series.