Sunday 26th May 2019

VIDEO: "Jeopardy" Roasts Detroit Lions

VIDEO: "Jeopardy" Roasts Detroit Lions

This is yet another empty year for the Detroit Lions, the 61st straight for the cursed franchise. They’ll play the final five games of the season, regroup, then come into next fall with some sort of plan to fix it all. Rinse. Repeat.

The Lions are nothing if not low-hanging fruit and the answer-writers at Jeopardy really let them have it in a 2030-themed category Monday night.


You know it’s bad when Alex Trebek is dunking on you. More specifically, it’s very bad when the writing team can’t escape your futility and has to take a break from compiling yet another Walt Whitman or Potent Potables column.

But, hey, that’s the Lions.

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