Thursday 20th June 2019

VIDEO: Phillies Groundskeepers Bust Out Flamethrowers

VIDEO: Phillies Groundskeepers Bust Out Flamethrowers

Last night’s Nationals-Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park was canceled due to a soggy field. Torrential rain rendered the playing surface unplayable and thousands of people had to find other Monday night entertainment.

But the Phillies groundskeepers? They tried their level best to make the baseball happen. At one point they even busted out flamethrowers in an attempt to dry the field.

That’s right, they have flamethrowers.

One can only imagine how much time and energy has been spent by the staff dreaming of this moment. There’s probably a locked closet with all the fun stuff to be used only as a last resort.

Maybe next time this happens someone can fly a helicopter over the field and really boost the bad-boy nature of all this.

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