Watch: Phil Mickelson already enjoying back-and-forth banter before match with Tiger Woods

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson (Getty Images)

Since Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods’ multi-million dollar Thanksgiving showdown was announced, Mickelson has participated in playful banter — something he also promised there would be much more of come November.

But he’s bringing that energy to the golf course before the highly-anticipated pay-per-view match. 

During The Northern Trust Saturday, the first of four tournaments in the race for the FedEx Cup, Mickelson had the most Mickelson response for a fan who attempted to give him flak during a tee-shot. 

As soon as the ball left the tee a fan said, within an earshot of Mickelson, “gotta be better than Tiger’s.”

The 43-time PGA Tour winners response? “Oh, it is.”

Mickelson kept it up later on the fifth hole when he celebrated a birdie putt with something similar to the famous Woods fist pump.