Zwift Acquires Running Wearables Manufacturer Milestone Sports

The MilestonePod clips to a runner’s show and records mileage, gait, and performance. (Courtesy of Milestone Sports)

On Monday, virtual online cycling and running platform Zwift acquired wearables manufacturer Milestone Sports. The device company makes a running-tracking footpod called the MilestonePod that clips to a runner’s show and records mileage, gait, and performance. Zwift’s system can take the data from those pods and allow users to compete against each other in a virtual running environment.

“Not only do they provide connectivity to Zwift on any treadmill, but they also provide the outdoor runner with important metrics such foot strike and rate of impact along with run distance and duration,” said the former Milestone CEO, Jason Kaplan, in a statement. “These are not only great tools that help to refine running technique, but also help provide runners with important information that can improve performance, reduce injury risk, and make sure they are in the proper shoe.”

Zwift has improvements planned for its technology. In particular, it is looking to better the indoor running experience by improving the video game-feel of the product and enhancing its social connectivity. Though the company now directly owns the rights to the MilestonePod, its platform will still support other manufacturers.

“We are determined, as much as ever before, to continue work with existing footpod and treadmill manufacturers to help us achieve this goal by providing customers the best possible experiences to suit their individual training needs,” said Zwift CEO and co-founder, Eric Min, in a statement,

SportTechie Takeaway

Virtual running is a growing market. The New York Road Runners, which organize the New York City Marathon every year, have even made plans to host the first ever virtual marathon. That even would be held simultaneously with its real-world cousin. The NYC Marathon attracts upwards of 50,000 participants, but many more could potentially compete online.

The NY Road Runners races work through the social running and cycling app Strava. Zwift also integrates with Strava, allowing users to log their runs or rides around virtual London streets or the imaginary South Pacific island of Watopia. Strava has had some negative press recently after its Global Heat Map was found to be revealing sensitive information regarding activity on U.S. military bases.